Physicians increasingly consider employment as a viable option for conducting a healthcare practice, indicative of the current national trend toward hospitals employing physicians. In my practice, I work extensively with physicians and physician groups.   I am introducing a series of brief videos to provide a preview of essential elements of employment contracts offered by a hospital, a hospital provider, or a physician group

This first Session provides an overview of some fundamental provisions within such employment agreements. Session 2 identifies major negotiable terms, including the duties and responsibilities of the physician. Session 3 discusses Compensation and Benefits provision, while Session 4 looks at Buy-Ins and professional liability insurance. Session 5 reviews Non-Compete and Termination provisions, which impact contract maneuverability. Finally, the sixth session of the series provides perspective on other major provisions within a physician’s employment contract which are often overlooked as boilerplate, but are important for the future of the employed physician relationship, and warrant consideration.

Physician Contracting 101, Part 1 of 6 by Paul Drey – YouTube.