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Physician Contracting 101: Buy-In and Professional Liability Insurance Provisions

Posted in Hospital/Physician Relationships

We look at Buy-In and Professional Liability Insurance provisions in this fourth part in the Physician Contracting 101 series.  A Physician Employee Contract often includes a provision for a “Buy-In” of the practice, and sometimes of a building, plus a Professional Liability Insurance provision.  Physicians considering employment with a hospital or a physicians’ group will… Continue Reading

Physician Contracting 101: Physician Duties and Responsibilities

Posted in Hospital/Physician Relationships

Much of my practice focuses on physicians’ and physician groups’ business and contracting needs, including employment contracts specifying physician duties and responsibilities. We are going to look at some key provisions within your employment contract, specifically those on physician duties and responsibilities. Physician duties and responsibilities are identified within your employment contract in provisions that… Continue Reading

Physician Contracting 101: Fundamental Provisions

Posted in Hospital/Physician Relationships

Physicians increasingly consider employment as a viable option for conducting a healthcare practice, indicative of the current national trend toward hospitals employing physicians. In my practice, I work extensively with physicians and physician groups.   I am introducing a series of brief videos to provide a preview of essential elements of employment contracts offered by a hospital,… Continue Reading

Hospital – Physician Relationships

Posted in Hospital/Physician Relationships

Based on the current playing field and environment, the trend is clear that hospitals and physicians are entering into employment relationships.  According to the 2012 edition of AHA Hospital Statistics, hospitals’ employment of physicians jumped 32% from 2000 to 2010.  It is difficult to know whether this trend will continue.  History has shown that it… Continue Reading